Sustainable FSC Recycled Banners

My search is over. Since Weaves of Green was discontinued and Bio Flex was discontinued, I have been searching for a Sustainable replacement substrate.

I am now recommending to my clients to use our 12 PT FSC, Recycled Banners, or our Polypropylene Sustainable, and Biodegradable Banners and our Recycled Textile Banners..

I have a banner I printed last year, thumb tacked to my paneled wall, which I printed on our 12 PT Recycled Cover. It is in perfect shape.

The Polypropylene Banners can be used indoors or outdoors. The print quality is excellent.

We can put grommets anywhere you want.

The best part is our price is $125.00 for a 4 x 8 foot banner. You can split this size into two banners, 2 x 8 foot or 4 x 4 foot. We run 4 x 8 foot banners to reduce the prices on all our banners. Less make readies. Two 2 x 8 foot banners is still $125 total.

We also offer Recycled Textile Banners. A bit pricy at around $295 for a 4 x 6 foot banner, BUT these banners are machine washable, and great for multiple events. Plus, they are wrinkle free, and easy to carry in your briefcase.

Eliminate Plastic Base Vinyl banners.

If you have multiple banners on either of these three Sustainable Banners, call me. I offer nice discounts at 3 banners.

Greg Barber

973 224 1132 cell/text

Greg Barber