Great News for Healthy School Foods On Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! It's official. Big news happened today, and three of our board members were standing with Mayor de Blasio. 

Healthy School Foods is a client of ours and I have witnessed first hand their commitment to helping school children eat better in their schools, and be healthier doing it. I am proud of their success with this new plan. Read below Amie’s progress.

As part of the New York City Mayor's OneNYC2050 Plan, it's just been announced that:

NYC will phase out the purchase of processed meats and  

will cut their purchases of beef in half.  

This is for all food purchasing in NYC, including all public schools. This is a monumental decision. We are not yet sure of the timeline, but we couldn't wait to tell you.  

The Coalition for Healthy School Food has been working on this issue for years and we thank Mayor de Blasio for his forward thinking and for taking action on this issue.

Here is our quote from the Mayor's Press Release:  

Amie Hamlin, Executive Director of Coalition for Health School Food said, "We are grateful to the Mayor for this progressive step. Eliminating processed meats and reducing all meats has been a priority of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, and this is something we have worked on tirelessly. Reducing meat is better for the planet, it will benefit children's health and it's kinder to animals. In 2012, we helped New York City create a vegetarian menu that schools can opt in to, and we will continue to help schools make the transition, furthering the healthy, planet-friendly, compassionate choices available to children and those who work in the schools."

People sometimes think that switching from red meat to other kinds of meat like chicken or fish is a good move, but by many measures, it's just as bad. Switching to beans, lentils, and tofu is far better for the environment, human, and animal health.
The Coalition for Healthy School Food will continue working with NYC Office of Food and Nutrition Services to advocate for more beans, lentils, and tofu, and for less animal meat. 

Your support helps us to continue this work.   Sincerely,Amie 

Greg Barber