Eco Friendly Paper Products from The Eco Friendly Printer

You may have heard of The Eco Friendly Printer from our popular lines of eco friendly clothing and organic t shirts, sold coast to coast in fine stores like Whole Foods or in independent clothing boutiques in metropolitan areas nationwide. What you may not know is that The Eco Friendly Printer also proudly provides a wide variety of eco friendly paper products that can be used in a wide range of applications. Eco friendly paper products don’t use tree pulp or bark as a substrate source – instead, we feature lines of eco friendly paper products manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled waste. This means that our paper products not only spare the natural habitats that are being voraciously consumed around the world at an alarming pace, they actually prevent the introduction of additional materials in domestic landfills. So, in reality, our eco friendly paper products are helping the planet twice!

In addition to our post-consumer recycled paper products, we offer several lines of Tree Free papers that use sugar cane, hemp, seeds, beans, and even fruits like mangos bananas and lemons as substrate source material. Whichever form of eco friendly paper you choose, you can know that you’re doing your part to make a real difference in the way natural resources are used globally, working to prevent the destruction of natural habitats, and preventing the overuse of garbage dumps and landfills. To understand more about our eco friendly paper products, we’ve provided a few answers to the most common questions regarding this exciting new product line below:

What Exactly is Recycled Paper? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that recycled paper must contain a bare minimum of 30% post-consumer waste

What is Post-Consumer Waste Paper? Paper that has already been used by the end consumer and has been collected for recycling. It’s important to note that no trees are destroyed to create post-consumer waste paper.

What is Processed Chlorine Free Paper? Paper that does not use any form of chlorine during the bleaching process. Most mass-production textile and pulping mills use chlorine to whiten paper, which generates to a large number of toxic by-products

What does FSC mean? The Forest Stewardship Council. This world renowned organization is recognized as an international non-profit, and was established in 1993 to promote responsible management of natural forests around the world. It manages these wooded habitats by setting appropriate standards, maintaining oversight, and providing independent certification and labeling of forest-produced products.

What is Tree Free Paper ( Or Non-Wood Paper)? Tree Free Paper (TFP) is a popular alternative to standard paper created from pounded, bleached wood pulp. Eco friendly paper products made from sugar cane, hemp, seeds, beans, or fruits like mangos bananas and lemons are considered TFP, and are often mixed with post-consumer paper.

Is 100% Non Toxic Toner more Environmental than Soy Ink? Yes, since non toxic toner does not use any petroleum distillates during its manufacture. Not only are petroleum distillates highly combustible, they invariably generate environmentally harmful petroleum by-products that are considered toxic waste, and that can contribute to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in and around the work environment. Further, inks developed from soy or other vegetable oils may contain mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, or lead.