"Is Green Printing or Eco Friendly Printing, more money than Non Eco Printing"?

We are asked a lot, "Is Green Printing or Eco Friendly Printing, more money than Non Eco Printing"? I say no, if you listen to a few of my suggestions:

Use 100% PCW paper in 92 Brightness instead of 96 Brightness.
Design your job to fit on standard size paper.
Allowing 7-10 days can cut pricing, sometimes in half.
Join our Coop Programs.
Allow us to recommend cost cutting measures.
Try to do several of your jobs using the same paper.

As a Green Printer, I pride myself on coming up with ways to be more environmental, and be cost conscious at the same time. Use paper that is thinner for some of your jobs. Maybe an 80# cover is fine for a postcard. Maybe 70# opaque is ok for your newsletter. Maybe, your files can be converted to a 2 color job. We do that when tints can add color without needing to run in 4 colors. Our 92 brightness papers are good enough for most jobs. The price savings on the paper is huge; and, when you cover the paper with ink, you can't tell how white your paper is. 

Changing the size of your next postcard from 5 x 7 to 4.75 x 6.5 is an example of what I am referring to. We get 4 postcards up on a 13 x 19 inch digital run, but we increase to 9 postcards up on a 4.75 x 6.5 size. You get twice as many cards for the same price. Deciding on a 6 x 9 inch brochure, instead of 7 x 10 is another example. I can buy 25 x 38 inch paper and, assuming a flat size of 9 x 12 before folding to 6 x 9, we get (8) 9 x 12 sheets up on our 25 x 38 parent size paper. If you went to a 7 x 10 size brochure, we can only get (4) 10 x 14 size sheets, before they fold to 7 x 10. In both cases, the switch in sizes is not huge, but your saving is HUGE. 

Finally, just call me at 973.224.1132 and we can go over your print specs and see what we can figure out to have your project come under your budget. Get a Timely Quote from Greg and thank you for thinking environmentally.

Greg Barber