Huge Sustainable Banners with Pockets for Metal Poles.

We just printed 19 large banners on PolyPro 9 Pt for an Outdoor Festival. We printed, and created two pockets along the 66” direction, and our client put metal poles into these pockets and knocked the poles into the ground to be secure against the wind. 19 banners leading up to the stage. We also printed a banner that was 8 x 12 foot for their Back Drop.

A final banner size, 6 x 12 foot, we printed and UPS’s in less than 1 day.

Try us for any Banner or Poster project. We now have 3 Substrates that are Sustainable.

Call me 24/7 at 973 224 1132. Or, text me. That is how we move so fast.

Greg Barber

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Greg Barber