A Sustainable Book I Am Featured In

I am featured in a book called Print And Production Finishes For Sustainable Design Printed by RotoVision and published in 2009. Author: Edward Denison. This book is Available on Amazon. For 10 years it is a best selling Sustainable Design book. Mr. Denison spent several months interviewing me and having me send samples to him on the Sustainable Print Projects that are featured in his book.

They include a brochure, designed by Brian Ponto, called Landfill. A spread on Art Gallery Promotional Postcards for Silas Marder Gallery. Corporate Identity Business Cards by Brian Ponto. A Corporate Brochure for Napalese, Promotional Brochures for Green Apple Cleaners, Corporate Identity for Gaia Soil for Green Roofs, Stationery, brochures and Banners for Greg Barber Company, Hang Tags for Diesel , Fliers for Carl Shurz Park, Posters for Russel The Leaf’s Earth Day Pledge, Sustainable brochures on Terra Skin, a product made from Rock and Minerals and replaces Vinyl Labels, Seed Paper Postcards, Sugar Cane Brochures, Green Maps from Wendy Brawer, Product Packaging for Jurlique, and one of my favorites, Organizational Sustainability for Feed Projects , a firm that deals with Hunger all over the world, started by Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson. Profits from their Feed Bags go to supplying food to hungry third world countries.

Call me so I can show you this awesome book.

Greg Barber

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