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Eco Friendly Printer is celebrating our 29th anniversary as an environmental printer. We stock 100% post consumer waste paper which is also 100% Processed Chlorine Free. Tree Free Paper, Seed Paper, and Terra Skin. My goal back in 1990 was to promote using 100% PCW paper in our printing. 29 years later it is still our #1 goal.

PCW stands for Post Consumer Waste. The paper mills we promote take printed paper that would be sent to our overcrowded Landfills and make new paper. 100% PCW is paper made entirely from printed waste printed paper. A bonus to using 100% PCW is our paper is also Chlorine Free. The bleaching of all 100% PCW Papers is done using Oxygen or Hydrogen Peroxide. This bleaching avoids creating Dioxins. Dioxin is a deadly chemical that occurs when mixing Chlorine with other deadly chemicals.

So, by using 100% PCW paper, we save our Landfills from additional waste papers and we save all of us from cancer producing Dioxins. Eco Friendly Printer uses non toxic inks and toners, recycles all of our waste, and we feature Paper Mills that use Wind and Solar Energy to make the papers we purchase. Our designers are careful to design brochures that avoid paper waste.

We encourage running more than 1 job on each run we print. That might mean running 4 or more different business cards and 4-8 different Greeting Cards on our print runs. It may mean recommending a change in postcard sizes. Changing postcards from 5 x 7 inches to 4 x 6 Inches will enable us to print twice as many postcards for the same price. We get 8 postcards up on the smaller size versus 4 postcards up on the larger size.

Our paper is FSC certified and Chlorine Free certified. We feature Mohawk, Neenah and Cascades Paper Mills. These three Mills are the leaders in Environmental Paper. We have major discounts on our site for discounted paper. Just click Paper and then click Discounted Paper. We can extend these paper savings to our final printed price.

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