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Eco Friendly Banners 

Our banners are printed on Fabrics made from Recyclable Materials and ONLY printed with Earth Friendly indoor-outdoor WATER based inks. Replace Vinyl Banners and Table Backdrops with our Recycled Fabric Banners. Our Fabric Banners are wrinkle free and machine washable.Our banners do not have the smell of PVC banners. Poly Vinyl Chloride banners can poison you.

They release Volatile Organic Compounds into our atmosphere and can cause damage to your liver, to your central nervous center, and to respiratory and reproductive systems. Our banners can be recycled. PVC banners are difficult to recycle, and many municipalities burn this toxic waste, which goes into our atmosphere. Even smelling PVC banners at a trade show is dangerous to your health. Our banners are manufactured in the U.S. which eliminates carbon dioxide when shipped  from overseas. Please call Greg Barber  at 973 224 1132 for pricing and delivery time frames.