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Regeneration Magazine

The Regeneration Magazine highlights creatives, thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs who are making waves in the environmental movement and changing the conversation about climate change. The publication offers something that traditional media outlets do not when it comes to covering the climate crisis: hope.

The biannual magazine, available in digital or print, showcases the good news when it comes to climate change, namely the work of real people doing real work right now to solve the climate crisis. The publication fills a dearth of inspiring and informative content on climate change.

While politicians, interest groups, corporations, and entire countries clash and drag their feet on climate change mitigation, lesser-known individuals are on the ground right now finding and working towards solutions. Their stories provide context, humanity, and tangibility to climate change, a problem that for many feels foreign, confusing, and not of their concern.

Exclusive profiles and interviews of leaders and entrepreneurs incorporating ecology into their projects and businesses serve as The Regeneration’s literary backbone. These pieces provide readers with the knowledge, inspiration, and tools needed to take action themselves. Additional creative content such as art, poetry, and photography offers an intellectual reprieve from the daily onslaught of negative and dramatic climate change coverage.

By reframing climate change as an opportunity for positive social change, this social enterprise will not only give the environmental movement a voice but will inspire its readers to join as well.