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Our Story

EcoFriendly Printer started shortly after the 20th anniversary of earth day, 1990


“I remember seeing Connie Chung state on national TV that 60% of the landfill problems were due to paper and printing waste and then the following day, Earth Day, I saw middle school and high school students celebrating Earth Day.

I was sold. I decided to merge my paper and printing business into focusing on an environmentally mindful process.”

- Greg Barber


An integral part of EcoFriendly Printer, is our Business Development Manager, Jonathan Cooper. Jonathan has been with us since 2014 and has industry experience in green printing going back to 2007. This picture if from the Go Green Expo at the Javits Center in NYC 2014.

We are constantly moving with the times and using eco based certified materials as they become available in the marketplace to achieve our goals. This is demonstrated in the evolution of paper that we offer. We first started promoting 100% post-consumer waste (paper made from paper), then moved onto chlorine free paper (which avoids producing dioxins, a deadly toxic chemical when mixed with other chemicals it can cause cancer) and now offer Tree Free Paper made from materials such as hemp, denim, sugar cane, bamboo, coffee, banana, mango, lemon. And 100% PCW (2nd generation tree free).

As with materials, we also stay current on the demands of technology. We moved into digital printing as an additional print medium since digital is the most cost effective and qualified process for the short run high quality jobs we run.


  • Greg Barber was honored in Communications Art Magazine in 1998, as the first Eco Kudo award winner for Environmental Printing

  • Recognized in How Magazine for a print job on denim

  • Featured on numerous pages of the internationally known book titled Print and Production Finishes For Sustainable Design written by Edward Denison and published by Rotovision

  • Recognized in Denison's book for sustainable jobs for clients such as Feed, Diesel Jeans, Landfill, Green Maps, Green Apple Cleaners, and more

It is because of honors like these from industry experts that we are confident in our commitment and the guiding principles of our company. 




Our dedication to providing the best solutions for Environmentally Safe Printing Products is demonstrated in everything we do.

  • Using Thinner Stock Paper when possible

  • Design jobs ecologically to Eliminate Waste

  • Use Soy and Vegetable Based Inks.

  • Use 100% Post Consumer Waste Paper (100% PCW)

  • Use 100% Processed Chlorine Free Paper (100% PCF)

  • Choose Digital Printing when possible.

  • Run Multiple Lots on One Sheet to Save Money.

  • Click Paper at the top of our site to choose other grades.